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by By us, Universe

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This is a concept album that examines different points of view concerning America's use of the Atomic bomb during WWII. It includes the scientist's struggle with his role in the murders of countless civilians, soldiers dealing with unimaginable violence, and a man that loses his wife in the blast.


released March 10, 2015

Eric Naroden - guitar, vocals
Mark Nestman - bass, vocals, strings, clarinet
Brandon Potts - guitar
Doug Trochim - drums

All songs were recorded by Doug Trochim
Lyrics were written by Eric Naroden and Mark Nestman



all rights reserved


By us, Universe Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Scientist
I am well aware that I have given my life to the power of the times
And I am well aware that I've given my piece of mind
Purpose wears at my thoughts and my code is weathered
How can I hide my shame when I am the cause for this winter?
War is bearing down on us, as innocence slowly fades
The world is not what it was
Or maybe it never was

What am I to do
I only wanted this to end
Who am I to say "now I am become death."
Track Name: The Soldier
The radio sent out an illustrious sound
More moving than those lovely pop songs
The bells rang for war and I answered the call
What glory one beholds in departure

I think back to the purpose when God was on our side
Young in body especially in mind
Now the bible in my pocket holds no more meaning
Than to cover my heart

It didn't take long to realize we're on our own
I've heard of the evil in the world
But it's hard to kill when that young man's eyes
They look just like mine

(We marched through ragged ruins
Peered glass cut from their frame
As we go along we hasten the quick decay of time
It didn't take us long to realize we were always on our own)
Track Name: The Citizen
Dear my love,
I have left for the countryside to visit my father
Dear my love,
I'll be back later tonight

I should have never visited my father
Left the countryside behind
I had to watch the clouds risen
Realizing I would rather die by your side
Then to have to witness your shadow
Burnt into the bedroom wall
God damn why did I have to leave the curtains open
There was nothing more important outside

This war is hell pride be damned
I'm a lake drained of water
Used to be a man
The rising sun has set and the flag that stands
Only represents heavy hearts and lonely souls
I'm a lake drained of water but I
Used to be a man
Track Name: Epilogue
Love is only as blinding
As late night high beams
And if you take a second to look around
You'll realize we can become one with the stars
Because we already are

It's always gray is what they'll say
But that's not what I see in the world around me